Converse introduces Chuck Taylor All Star Play Lite CX for Kids

Chuck Taylor All Star Play Lite CX

Converse is unveiling its inaugural lightweight, slip-on footwear for children, known as the Chuck Taylor All Star Play Lite CX. It marks the introduction of Converse’s CX foam cushioning to a kid-friendly design. The All Star Play Lite CX shoes prioritize all-day comfort and effortless on-off functionality, which means kids will have more playtime and will spend less time lacing up. 

Converse has crafted the shoes deliberately with durable, full foot coverage, so that it is versatile enough for various activities including school, playground and various outdoor adventures. It has strategically positioned circular vent holes in the upper to ensure that there is enough ventilation for the little toes. Moreover, the low cut open design of the shoes facilitates  easy sliding in and out for kids. 

The Play Lite CX shoes were released on the first of March, 2024 in limited colors and additional colors are set to arrive this April. While the shoes are quite convenient for kids to wear and remove, they are also easy to wash and can be cleaned with plain water.

Play Lite CX shoes are currently available in three colors –  Dandy Lion, Fuchsia, and Obsidian. More marbleized color variants of Play Lite CX are set to debut in April 2024.

The Chuck Taylor All Star range of shoes for kids also features several more full top varieties including Chuck Taylor All Star Easy on and Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Lift Platform. Its entire range includes high tops, low tops and platforms in several designs in the $35 – $75 range.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Play Lite CX shoes are available online on Converse website for $35 and $40. 

 Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged is available in 12 different designs for kids in the $50 – $70 range on Converse website and Chuck Taylor All Star Move in ten different designs in the $55 – $70 range.